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Greta Roberts, Founder and CEO Building solutions to help businesses align talent to business strategy requires a unique combination of interests, experiences and goals. Greta has this intersection, namely, a laser focus on business success, a belief that an organization’s talent profoundly affects its success, and a deep interest in using technology in innovative ways to measure, analyze and present talent analytics in a way that is useful by businesses leaders, who may or may not have a degree in statistics. It is from this vantage point that Greta Roberts applies her track record and 20+ years of industry experience as the founder and CEO of Talent Analytics, Corp. Having held roles in sales and marketing at some of the world’s most innovative organizations including IBM Lotus, Cisco and Netscape Communications, Roberts consistently raises the bar. This is evidenced by her ability to outperform multi-million dollar targets, industry and company awards, progressive advancement and increased responsibilities for P&L, satellite office openings, hiring and termination, and staff management and development. As a thought leader, she is frequently invited to share insights on using talent analytics to achieve business results. She is a frequent speaker at industry and business events, has been featured in industry articles, and has authored bylines in key trade publications including Sales & Marketing Management.