2012 Analytics Professionals Study Results Summary Webinar and Q&A

On December 4, the results of The 2012 Analytics Professionals Study were announced. Several members from the Analytics Professionals Study research team walked through the findings and implications of this groundbreaking study. In case you missed the webinar, Beth Schultz, Editor of wrote a great overview.

To Access a summary of the findings: request the 12/4 study launch webinar here.

The analytics from the results highlighted analytics professionals and data scientists are a naturally curious bunch. As such  there were quite a few good questions submitted for the Q&A, in particular about the psychometric portion of the Study.

Q&A Podcast: Talent Analytics CEO Greta Roberts answers questions in this 12 minute podcast.

An excerpt of the Q&A transcript of Greta’s responses follows.

Q: What would be the impact of having more art degrees involved in analytics?

This is a fascinating question. The assumption is that you can solve a complex question with a single variable answer.  Our data shows that being Creative is part of the answer but by no means anywhere close to the answer.

As a matter of fact, our data shows that there were hardly any Art Degrees at all in our sample.  We found that the Analytics Professionals had creative “tendencies” but not enough to emerge into an artistic degree.

My personal prediction is that more art degrees alone would bring more problems – perhaps of a new variety – as the “people” with the art degrees would be driven to be artistic and perhaps not be interested in business or analytics at all.

So – it’s a subtlety – hiring people with just enough Creativity combined with the other characteristics that are important.

Like other analytics datasets, focusing on a single variable without context of the others will bring problems.

The Study was an attempt to use a systematic approach to solving the lack of analytics talent challenge – vs. a single variable, “one size fits all” – “hire more Artists” approach to solving a complex problem.

Q: Can you explain the psychometric fingerprint slides a bit more slowly?

Significant investment of time and analysis has gone into this Study – resulting in a few powerful deliverables – the psychometric fingerprints (benchmarks) being one of them.

They are the first of their kind for Analytics Professionals.

Customers looking to hire Analytics Professionals or to understand their current Analytics teams may contact Talent Analytics directly for more information on how to utilize these powerful analytics tools for hiring analytics professionals that can help your business become an analytics competitor.

Feel free to contact me directly [greta at talentanalytics dot com] for more information.

Q:  Are hiring mangers clued into differences of various PhD degrees?

I’m sure hiring managers are not clued into the various PhD degrees and their relevance for performance in an analytics roles.  We’re hoping this research can go a long way towards informing them – and the industry.

Q: What kind of Psychometric assessments can be employed during the hiring process?

Talent Analytics has a psychometric instrument that can easily be used during the hiring and interview process. They are on an automated platform and can be used within seconds.

The biggest value for anyone hiring Analytics Professionals – is the ability to compare their candidates or existing Analytics Pros with the benchmarks we created in this Study.

We would love to show you more.  Call me directly for a quick demo.

Comment: One caution from this presentation: there are bound to be lots of mistakes are going to be made in this science; an emphasis on ethics and performance will be important.

We agree that anytime there are decisions made that impact people’s lives and business performance – a focus on performance and ethics are important.

Current hiring processes are rife with bias – decisions are largely made based on anecdotal information and instinct.  We strongly advocate a more rigorous, data driven approach that includes data that is tied to performance – our entire business model is based on this premise.

Q: I don’t suppose we can get a copy of the slides?

We will be happy to deliver slides to anyone that meets the following criteria:

  1. They’re looking to hire analytics professionals
  2. They are looking for tools to enhance their hiring process
  3. They would seriously consider using the Analytics Professionals Benchmarks as a part of their hiring process.

If this describes your firm, please contact us and we’ll make certain you receive these.

Mike Kennedy is a Technical Evangelist at Talent Analytics, Corp. He can be reached via and @talentanalytics.

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