2014: The Year of Predictive Talent Analytics

As we hurtle towards 2014 at breakneck speed, we wanted to share with you what we’ve been up to – and why we’re over-the-moon excited for the new year.

Talent Analytics® Goes Predictive 

2014 marks the second year we will present our ground-breaking work at Predictive Analytics World in multiple conferences across North America. We are excited to continue driving the conversation in the predictive analytics community around combining performance and people analytics to optimize organizational performance.

Pasha Roberts, Talent Analytics’ Chief Scientist, says, “Companies are waking up to the novel idea that people are connected with performance, and that data science can be applied to problems like performance optimization. Talent Analytics continues to lead the charge in this battle. I look forward to speaking at PAW next year about employee attrition – a multifaceted, complicated, and expensive issue in which we have proven results.” Read the full Press Release.

Will 2014 Be the Year of Talent Analytics at Predictive Events?

Deepti Singh, Director of Talent & Learning, American Savings Bank, notes that “global businesses spend more than a trillion dollars on payroll alone. 2014 is the year predictive analytics professionals need to seriously focus on optimizing this investment. 2014 is the year of HR and talent analytics!”

Do you agree? Is 2014 the year Talent Analytics becomes a track at predictive analytics conferences?

Predicting Top & Bottom Performers Tops Wish list

Everyone wants to be able to hire more top performers and fewer bottom performers. On our predictive talent analytics webinar in November, 40% of the audience said this was their top performance challenge.

8 Tips for Working with Predictive Talent Analytics Data

In case you missed the webinar presented by Chief Scientist Pasha Roberts, read the great recap by Beth Schultz from AllAnalytics. Pasha provides practical tips for analysts and data scientists when working with predictive talent analytics data.

Read the AllAnalytics recap.

CEO Greta Roberts Participates on 2014 IIA’s Predictions Webinar

It’s the predictions time of year and we were honored to take part in the December 10 predictions webinar held by IIA. Greta Roberts was part of an elite panel of experts that judged this year’s predictions, including Bill Franks from Teradata, Sanjeev Kumar from Dell and Omer Sohail from Deloitte.
Read the recap in Forbes or watch the webinar here. (reg req’d)

Calculating ROI of Predictive Talent Analytics Models for Volume Hiring

Last week, Chief Scientist Pasha Roberts created a volume hiring ROI scenario explaining the powerful benefits of applying predictive talent analytics models to optimize volume hiring. As the scenario demonstrates, even a conservative model pays for itself!

As you can see, there’s significant momentum around predictive talent analytics as we head into 2014. Indeed, – our prediction is in 100% agreement with Deepti with one caveat: 2014 will be the year of Predictive Talent Analytics!

Have a wonderful holiday season and a healthy and prosperous 2014.

Mike Kennedy is an Analytics Evangelist at Talent Analytics, Corp. He can be reached via and @talentanalytics.

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