2015 – Pick the Right Predictive Talent Analytics Partner

Greta Roberts, CEO, Talent Analytics, Corp.

2014 was peppered with announcements from workforce software and services vendors touting new predictive analytics capacity.  These solutions ranged from Talent Management Software to Job Boards, to Hiring Software to Workforce Planning solutions – again all describing their angle of how predictive analytics was now included in their workforce offering.

To date, most have been proven to be pre-announcements and vaporware.

In a private conversation, one respected analyst described a Press Release about a “big data – predictive workforce analytics offering – as being “neither big data nor predictive.”

Customer will press their vendors to change this in 2015.

My Prediction:
As I discussed on today’s SAP Radio show, ​in 2015, customers will push their workforce analytics vendors to deliver real predictive workforce analytics functionality into their software and services; in a way that delivers measurable business ROI (not Human Resource ROI) to customers and is easy for HR and Lines of Business to utilize and deploy.

These vendors are finding that adding predictive capabilities requires more than adding a new feature or function.  Predictive requires processes, fresh domain knowledge, and statistical thinking.

This will be an important year for workforce analytics vendors.  Some will be able to advance and add true predictive functionality to their workforce solutions and others will find the complexity too daunting.

Our firm continues to lead the charge – by far. For the last 14 years we’ve been using predictive analytics to increase sales performance, decrease bank teller and call center attrition, predict top and bottom insurance agent performers, predict who will pass an entrance exam – all of this pre-hire.

Partner with the right partners who can deliver real results for you – not announcements. Push your vendors (including us) to deliver.  Here’s to a great 2015.

Greta Roberts is the CEO & Co-founder of Talent Analytics, Corp. Follow her on twitter @gretaroberts.

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