3 Parallels Between the Future of Retail and the Future of the Workforce

By Greta Roberts CEO Talent Analytics Corp.

I loved this recent article from the CEO of Walmart about his 3 Predictions for the Future of Retail. I saw so many parallels to the future to the workforce and the future of work – I wanted to share them.

Original article – 3 Predictions for the Future of Retail – from the CEO of Walmart.

Parallels: 3 Predictions for the Future of the Workplace – from the CEO of Talent Analytics, Corp.

1. Employee Empowerment and Even Greater Influence

  • Employees want more control over their employment experience
  • Working virtually, working on projects or gigs vs. full-time single role jobs
  • Using predictions to become aware of alternate and interesting projects and roles

2.  I’ve Seen What You Have and I Want it, Too

  • Employees want the chance to be considered for all opportunities – the same opportunities you are considered for. They don’t want bias to get in the way. They want decisions to be more fair.
  • Employees want a customized career plan that is interesting to them, that fits their lifestyle and that sets them up for success. They’re tired of jobs they didn’t ask for where they are set up to fail.

3.  Shared Value

  • Businesses will only survive if their business creates shared value that benefits both the business as well as the employee.
  • Over the past few years so much focus has been placed on employee satisfaction and engagement as the end goal. I personally believe we’ve perhaps forgotten that businesses also need to realize a financial benefit from employees working there. Employees are an asset. Their contribution needs to be sustainable. Businesses cannot continue to churn through employees like they’ve done in the past.

I loved this article – and saw so many parallels between customers and employees.

Would love your comments and feedback. Any parallels I missed?

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