CEO Greta Roberts on SAP Radio: How HR Can Become More Predictive

On the October 27th SAP Radio show, Talent Analytics CEO Greta Roberts (@gretaroberts) & Mick Collins (@mickcollins) from SuccessFactors gave recommendations for HR & LOB leaders seeking to get more predictive.

Listen to the full conversation or read the conversation highlights from twitter below.

Greta and Mick highlighted the massive opportunity analytics provides HR:

Greta then succinctly explained the difference between Business KPIs (key performance indicators) and Vanity metrics.

Greta implored HR to take it to the next step, towards becoming predictive:

Ask the Right Questions

Greta and Mick offered advice for HR leaders around getting more predictive, including what they can do today to help their internal business customers:

Seek Predictive Help from Outside HR

Both thought leaders agreed that HR could (and should) seek help from other areas of the organization already using predictive analytics successfully, including customer-facing functions like marketing. Mick advocated for bringing outside expertise into HR to help ask the right questions.


Predictions for Workforce Analytics

The final segment was predictions for the state workforce analytics:

Greta and Mick both agreed a little prediction goes a long way. Mick provided a good take away from the conversation:


Mike Kennedy is an Analytics Evangelist at Talent Analytics, Corp. He can be reached via @talentanalytics or mike at

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