Analyzing Talent and Performance Data Together is Like a Suitcase on Wheels

IIA - International Institute for AnalyticsThe International Institute for Analytics (IIA) held their very successful January Office Hours teleconference on Wednesday January 18, presented by Talent Analytics CEO and IIA Faculty Member Greta Roberts. We were very excited at both the turnout and traction for the topic, validating that there is significant interest in bringing the people doing the work into performance models.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend, here are some key points from Greta’s presentation:

  • Expanded definition of Talent Analytics. Acknowledging the pivotal October 2010 HBR article, “Competing on Talent Analytics,” Greta expanded the definition of ‘talent analytics’ to include innate characteristics about the people doing the work.
  • Analyze Talent with Performance Data. For people analytics to yield the greatest insight for the business, talent data should be analyzed in conjunction with all other enterprise performance data. Instead of bringing analytic talent into HR (as Google does), Greta advocated for bringing talent analytics to the business.
  • People are Both People and Numbers. While the concept of viewing employees as a number had been taboo; Greta pointed out everyone has a height and a weight. Employees can be both a person AND a number.
  • Suitcase on Wheels. Adding wheels to make transporting a suitcase easier was a logical innovation that took a long time. In the same way, analyzing quantitative data about the people doing the work in conjunction with business outcomes collected by enterprise software platforms is a logical innovation that has also taken a long time.

We would encourage you to join IIA to listen to the full presentation and to access a wealth of great analytics thought leadership and research. As a Faculty Member, Greta will be writing a monthly blog for IIA, starting with last week’s entry.

After a very encouraging start to 2012, we look forward to an exciting year ahead!

Mike Kennedy is a Technical Evangelist at Talent Analytics, Corp. He be be reached via or @talentanalytics.

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