How Do Algorithms Reduce Bias During the Talent Acquisition Process?

Part 2: Interview between Greta Roberts, CEO and Carla Gentry, Data Scientist, Talent Analytics, Corp.

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Q2 Carla:  People think predictions can reduce remove some of the humanity from the hiring process.  What are your thoughts?

A2 Greta:  Using predictive analytics during the hiring process can greatly expand the humanity of the hiring process.

  1. First we need to remember that the hiring process is a process of discrimination – though not in the way we normally think of discrimination. The single goal during the interview process is to discriminate between someone who can do the job vs. someone who can’t.  We should only be paying attention to fulfilling this mandate for our companies.The problem is that we are human and we can’t avoid many other distracting factors even if we try desperately to remind ourselves.Unless they’ve been told otherwise, algorithms don’t care about gender or color or disability. Algorithms are focused on finding candidates that are proven to deliver performance for the company (which is the only reason to hire an employee anyway).

So – one way analytics can help to humanize the process is to scrub bias, be transparent and remove mystery factors from the interview process.

  1. A second way predictive analytics can help to introduce more humanity into the hiring process is that many of our clients use Predictive Career Maps as a way to identify multiple roles where their employee is predicted to succeed, even if the roles are not in a typical career trajectory (i.e. someone in sales climbing only the sales ladder).Algorithms learn that certain attributes in IT might also lead an individual to also being a predicted top performer in an area of Operations or Product Management. Algorithms aren’t blinded by what someone has done before.  They are looking for probability of performance and repeatedly try to find ways to see how these can be deliver better performance – for the company as well as for the individual.Predictive algorithms finding under-utilized attributes about an individual or identifying additional career opportunities, to me, is just lovely.
  2. The final way predictive models can add some humanity to the hiring process is that if a candidate applies for one role and they have a low probability of success, using a predictive platform they can also be compared to other open roles.  Again, a lovely way to provide additional value both to the candidate as well as to the employer.

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