HR Can NOT be Aligned with the Line of Business Until They Measure the Same Goals

Imagine a soccer team. Say, some players measure whether they win or not based on the highest number of goals scored, while other players focus on their style when they score a goal, or having a good attitude throughout the game.

What a crazy game. Though they were on the same team they’d be focused on different things. You couldn’t possibly call this team “aligned” and due to their different goals they are likely to win only a few games, if ever.

And so it is when HR measures “performance management” while the Line of Businesses measures “performance”.

An example:

Consider the Line of Business goals for a Bank Teller. To be effective for the Line of Business Bank Tellers need to:

Effectively process customer requests
* Have a balanced cash drawer at the end of the day
* Be accurate in how they input data into their banking systems, and
* Maintain high customer satisfaction scores

If this bank has enterprise “performance management system” there is close to zero chance any of these “outcomes” will appear in the performance management system. This needs to change.

In addition to this being confusing to employees, it also keeps HR from ever being aligned with the business.

Greta Roberts
CEO, Talent Analytics, Corp.

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