PAW Workforce & TChat Bridge Predictive Learning Gap for HR

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A fundamental knowledge gap exists when it comes to HR leaders understanding the many powerful benefits of predictive analytics for solving hiring, attrition and performance challenges. To compound the problem, when forward thinking HR leaders want to proactively embrace predictive analytics and learn by attending industry conferences, they are often left frustrated by HR events that dabble in analytics, but rarely if ever actually talk true predictive analytics.

On the other side of the divide, there are data scientists interested in learning more about the latest analytical methods and unique challenges faced when working with employee data to solve performance and attrition. While a myriad of predictive analytics events exist, rarely do they highlight predictive analytics in an employee context.

As a result, HR and predictive analytics leaders have remained in their respective silos, limiting knowledge exchange and the productive conversations that come with mixing different roles and perspectives focused on solving complex workforce challenges – until now.

Next week, there are two outstanding learning opportunities that bridge this crucial learning gap, bringing together HR leaders with data scientists for the first time. Every HR leader interested in predictive analytics should take advantage of them.

PAW Workforce: March 31 and April 1 in San Francisco

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On March 31 and April 1 in San Francisco, PAW Workforce, an innovative 2 day conference will bridge the gap by bringing together hundreds of HR, business leaders and data scientists for practical learning, networking, mentorship and of course, fun!

If learning how to use predictive analytics is on your 2015 agenda and you want a short list of innovative vendors focused on applying predictive analytics to solve workforce challenges, PAW Workforce is a MUST ATTEND event. Here are 5 more reasons why. Don’t be a laggard, register today – only a few spots left!

In addition to practical learning opportunities through interesting predictive case studies from global predictive workforce leaders like Elpida Ormanidou from Walmart, you’ll hear from leading analyst Holger Mueller from Constellation Research. We are thrilled that our own CEO Greta Roberts will kick things off as event Chair.

Greta will explain the 3 key metrics for successful predictive workforce projects in her keynote at 9am on Tuesday, March 31st. Later that afternoon, Chief Scientist Pasha Roberts will present on multiple paths to sales rep success. He will also join a compelling expert panel on Wednesday, April 1st focused on predicting employee attrition and flight risk.

In addition to the great thought leadership, be sure to stop by the Talent Analytics booth and say hello! You can also follow on twitter via #PAWWorkforce.

TChat Discusses Power of Predictive Analytics for HR – April 1 @ 7pm ET


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When PAW Workforce wraps up, the conversation around the power of predictive analytics will continue – you’re invited to join in. PAW Workforce sponsor TalentCulture is dedicating their weekly live TChat Radio Show to the power of predictive analytics on Wednesday April 1 from 7-8pm ET.

Co-hosts Meghan Biro and Kevin Grossman will interview Jen Kirkwood, the Analytics & Innovation Ambassador at ADP and Chad Harness the Lead Human Capital Analytics Consultant at Fifth Third Bank, who is also a PAW Workforce presenter.

Watch the show preview and be sure to tune in!

More Predictive Learning Opportunities

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

Of course, these are two phenomenal learning opportunities next week, but there are plenty more predictive talent analytics resources to continue your education. Just as the Golden Gate Bridge majestically spans the San Francisco Bay, we are proud to continue spanning the gap between the data science and workforce communities. A few free resources as you continue on your predictive workforce analytics journey:

As always, your thoughts are welcome! We look forward to continuing to bridge the knowledge gap with you and perhaps seeing you in San Francisco next week.

Mike Kennedy is an Analytics Evangelist at Talent Analytics, Corp. He can be reached via and @talentanalytics on twitter.

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