Talent Analytics, Corp. 2014 Predictions

Prediction #1

Employee attrition will move from being a hot HR topic, to being a hot analytics topic.

Why: Customer attrition models get CEO and CFO attention because they deliver direct and significant business ROI.

Employee attrition models are similarly delivering direct and significant ROI to the business, which will move this topic to top priority for a businesses core Analytics teams to tackle.

Prediction #2

CFOs and Corporate Risk Officers will pressure hiring managers and HR to treat new job candidates in a similar (and predictive) cost-benefit way that banks use for predictively evaluating their creditors.

Why: When predictive models show that one “bad hire” wipes out the value of 3 great hires, “gut based” decisions on hiring will change in an instant.

Prediction #3

In 2014, businesses will focus more on DEMAND for Data Science projects as well as SUPPLY of Data Scientists.

Why:  2013’s focus was on the lack of SUPPLY of Data Scientists.  Many were hired and put in roles where they were often expected to create analytics projects that would deliver significant ROI for the business.

In many cases Data Scientists do the projects, but don’t come up with the projects.  After all, you don’t need the Data Scientists if there are no appropriate projects for them.

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