Are You a “Hiring Hypocrit”?

It happened again.

I was showing one of our innovative talent analytics solutions called a “Balanced Hiring Scorecard™” (BHS™) to a Human Resources Executive.

Our BHS begins to solve a common problem – bias in the hiring process.  Bias occurs when a hiring decision is based on “gut” alone.

Our BHS allows hiring managers to easily and accurately:

  • Input hiring “factors” into an online system
  • Weight each factor’s importance in the overall hiring decision
  • Display all hiring team feedback in comparison to each other
  • View the calculated candidate’s “match” to the Balanced Hiring Scorecard


Talent Analytics, Corp.’s Balanced Hiring Scorecard.

Here comes the hypocrisy.

Our online demo includes a factor called “Gut”.  We do this on purpose, wanting to “call out” what we all know but are afraid of – most employees are hired based on more than a 50% gut decision.  You know it.  We know it.  They know it.

Our BHS introduces talent analytics and the beginnings of transparency.  Transparency begins to remove bias in a process rampant with bias.  Fearful HR Executives quickly whisper that we immediately remove the “Gut Factor” from our demo.  We leave it in – on purpose.  It’s time to move towards transparency and fear.  Do the right thing.

Just because you don’t write down the word “gut” doesn’t mean you are unbiased.

Businesses rely on HR to advocate innovative talent solutions that increase the chance of hiring top performers, remove bias, and increase transparency for the sake of business performance.

Are you running from hiring innovations in fear, or running towards hiring innovations with – yes – a skeptical mind but with the goal of decreasing bias, increasing transparency, bettering your business?

Don’t be a part of the hiring hypocrisy.

Greta Roberts is the founder and CEO of Talent Analytics, Corp. Read more about Greta here. She can be reached at

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One Response to “Are You a “Hiring Hypocrit”?”

  1. sheila Says:

    April 19th, 2011 at 12:55 am

    hello Ms Greta,
    i am an HR Officer in a financial institution here in the philippines. one of my biggest responsibility is to hire staffs with high integrity and honesty. i really need some sample questionnaires on how to detect such thing from the applicants. so, can you give me a sample if this BHS? i will really appreciate if you will answer my request! thank you very much!

    sincerely yours,


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