The Predictive Workforce Momentum Continues… Join us!

“The Workforce industry is gathering predictive momentum.
I can feel it / see it. Exciting times.”

– Talent Analytics CEO Greta Roberts, October 2015

Greta is absolutely right – there’s been significant momentum around predictive workforce topics – it seems to be everywhere – and we wanted to share some data points underscoring the dramatic growth of this exciting topic over the past few months.

  • We’re averaging 200 – 400 on our predictive workforce webinars.
  • Our Predictive Talent Analytics Forum LinkedIn Group has now reached over 1100 members – and is experiencing growth at a 34% rate over the past 2 quarters.
  • We’ve been invited to speak at conferences as diverse as SAS’ Analytics 2015, INFORMS, Ethics and Compliance Initiative Fellows, and the Property Casualty Insurers Conference – with the common theme being attendees interested in predictive workforce analytics.
  • We’re Chairing a dedicated predictive workforce analytics event as part of an established Predictive Analytics Conference series – Predictive Analytics World for Workforce – an event that attracted attendees and speakers from all over the world.
  • A number of articles are cropping up in the mainstream press – with movement towards predictive from the broader workforce analytics trend.
  • Predictive articles in solidly talent / workforce publications.
  • Workforce articles in solidly predictive analytics publications like the Predictive Analytics Times – where both our CEO Greta Roberts and Chief Scientist Pasha Roberts are regular contributors.

What does this all mean for the predictive workforce industry? In a word: momentum.

From our point of view, it’s exciting and fun to witness (and help lead the charge by generating ) this momentum. There’s no signs of slowing down. We hope you’ll join us! We’re the place to keep you up to date on all things predictive workforce or talent analytics.

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