What’s the Difference Between Employee-Centric and HR-Centric Analytics Technology?

There’s been a lot written recently about the consumerization of IT in context of enterprise technology. Whether it’s Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) or the growth of enterprise social software, the broad trend seems to be around designing technology to better serve employees.

However, in the context of analytics-driven enterprise software I’ve seen employee-centric analytics (ie Talent Analytics) used interchangeably with HR-centric analytics (ie workforce analytics) – but they are not the same thing.

First, there’s HR-centric Analytics technology.

These are the applications that make the job of HR people easier and allow them to find valuable information easily and efficiently. It may be through reports, dashboards or some other way but this set of technologies make HR’s job easier to find activity metrics. Lots of value for HR because it helps achieve their goals (think reporting on headcount, attrition, skills, compensation etc).

Then there’s Employee-centric Analytics technology.

Employee-centric analytics technology (think everyone outside HR) means non-technical users can find valuable information easily and efficiently. Whether it’s a report, dashboard or some other visualization, employee-centric technology enables line of business users to access the information they want when they want it. Lots of value for the business because it helps to achieve their goals (think hiring better and identifying & retaining top performers).

This distinction is important because the goals (and therefore the data) should be different. Business users need employee-centric information but not necessarily HR-centric information and the opposite is true for HR.

Are your technology goals to optimize employee performance or HR performance?
If your firm is seeking to work for HR – there are lots of hr-centric analytics technology vendors out there to choose from. However, if your firm seeks value from business-relevant and employee-centric analytics technology – working for the business, think outside the silo and consider Talent Analytics.

Mike Kennedy is a Technical Evangelist at Talent Analytics, Corp. He can be reached via and @talentanalytics.

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