Hiring Data Scientists

In 2012 Talent Analytics, Corp. and the International Institute for Analytics completed a landmark Study of “deep dive analytics professionals and data scientists“.

Study Reveals Data Scientist Fingerprint

  • Data Scientists and Analytics Professionals have a unique combination of raw talent, their own fingerprint.
  • Educational degrees, experience and interview questions frequently misidentify analytics professionals.
  • The analytics professional fingerprint is so compelling, it led to the creation of an Analytics Professional Benchmark

Benefits:  The Analytics Professional Benchmark

  • Businesses looking to hire analytics professionals, externally or from within, can now assess job candidates for their level of raw analytic talent
  • Talent Analytics Platform Advisor™ enables you to instantly compare candidates to The Analytics Professional Benchmark™ of “deep dive analytics professionals from across the industry”
  • Within seconds gaps are identified and described
  • Ongoing assessment of analytics candidates or employees using Advisor enables customers to create their own database of information about their own top performers paving the way for a custom benchmark

3 Solutions to Attract, Hire and Retain Top Data Scientists

Hiring Data Scientists

  • Assess candidate(s)
  • Compare to The Analytics Professional Benchmark™
  • Create and compare to your custom benchmark

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