Talent Analytics, Corp. Announces Upgrade to Advisor’s Talent Visualization Engine with Talent Meters

Measure and Visualize Corporate Culture at a Glance


Talent Analytics, Corp. today announced the immediate release of
Talent Meters – an upgrade to Advisor’s talent visualization engine.

Leveraging Advisor’s dynamic, analytics-driven dashboard interface, leaders and consultants can now quickly visualize an entire organization’s corporate culture at-a-glance, valuable during Mergers and Acquisitions and change initiatives.

Greta Roberts, CEO, Talent Analytics highlights the value of visualizing one or several corporate cultures. “Strategic initiatives require buy in from executives and employees. An analytics-based image of corporate culture can be a critical data point to inform effective approaches contributing to successful initiatives.”

Indeed, having intelligence about corporate cultures is especially valuable in mergers and acquisitions as “issues of culture are at the heart of every integration,” according to Steve Fitzgerald, VP of HR at Avaya.

“The insights gained from Talent Meters not only inform business strategy and scale globally”, said Roberts, “The business-friendly, dynamic interface of Advisor also makes the analysis itself efficient and even fun.”

Learn more about Talent Analytics’ Advisor 3.6 talent analytics platform and see examples of the unique visualization capabilities of Talent Meters at

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