Talent Analytics, Corp. Announces Change Management Communications Guide: Team Playbook™

Greta Roberts, CEO, Talent Analytics, Corp.

Talent Analytics, Corp. today announced the immediate release of its
Team Playbook™, further enhancing their flagship talent analytics platform, Advisor.

Advisor’s Team Playbook™ provides talent professionals, business leaders and professional services firms with an effortlessly created, highly accurate, custom communications guide for the entire organization, several teams or individuals. Advisor’s Team Playbook™ describes communication strategies that will “work” for different talent communication needs.

Talent Analytics, Corp.’s CEO, Greta Roberts highlights the wide business use for Advisor’s Team Playbook™: “Every organization relies on communication to move business forward. Enabling businesses to quickly create an accurate communications guide for an entire organization, a team, or each employee is a staggering innovation.”

Advisor’s Team Playbook™ arms change professionals with tools to design custom communications plans during a wide variety of change initiatives including post merger integration, on-boarding new employees, new reporting structures, teams working cross functionally, conflict resolution, designing top performing teams, the list goes on. Learn how Advisor’s Team Playbook™ solves change management communication challenges.

HR Executive and Consultant Gary Cormier uses Advisor’s Team Playbook when building his clients’ high performance teams. “My clients and I have seen firsthand the business value of Advisor’s Team Playbook™. The Team Playbook™ reduces the time it takes employees to connect and communicate within and between teams. As a result, team performance is improved, conflict is reduced and ROI is clear.”

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