Talent Analytics Corp. Introduces Cross Functional Team Visualization Engine

Visualize Multiple Teams to Make Effective Business Decisions


Talent Analytics Corp. today introduced their cross-functional team visualization module CROSS Team-at-a-Glance™.  This cross-functional team visualization module enables business leaders to dynamically visualize leadership capability across the organization, pull together cross-functional project teams, forecast and pre-empt conflict (between groups, between organizations or between individuals) and create custom change communication programs that work for everyone.

Many well-intentioned talent decisions are based on intuition and often prove to be costly miscalculations that contribute to the 70% change initiative failure rate. One of the most commonly cited talent-related causes of change initiative failure is a serious miscalculation of employee resistance, which hinders business performance and ultimately the success of the change initiative.

“As the global shift from corporate ladder to lattice structured organizations continues, the need for analytics-driven technology to forecast how talent combinations will impact cross-functional team productivity will increase. Through it’s visualizations, CROSS TAG facilitates more intelligent, data-guided business decisions that pre-empt conflict and drive productivity forward,” said Greta Roberts, CEO, Talent Analytics, Corp.

Download the free executive brief at to learn how this cross-functional team visualization module facilitates stronger cross-functional team performance through analytics-guided talent decisions.

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