Talent Analytics, Corp. Links Business Performance to Talent Traits through Broad Availability of their API

CAMBRIDGE, MA March 14, 2012
Talent Analytics, Corp. announces broad availability of their API (TAAPI) thereby extending their leadership in linking performance to talent traits.

TAAPI makes it easy to embed analytics-based, Talent Content™ directly inside of enterprise software (CRM, Talent Management, Enterprise Social Software, BI and ERP). Embedded Talent Content is in the form of numbers (for combination and correlation with business performance data) or a wide variety of custom CUEcards™ to enhance communication and human engagement.

“For business leaders wanting to include their people in business optimization discussions releasing our API is a big deal,” says Greta Roberts, CEO of Talent Analytics. “We realized there is no way businesses can see trends and correlations between performance data and talent traits unless the data intersects. Our API makes this simple.”

“Talent Analytics’ approach of correlating human traits to business performance adds new dimension to people and process management, and the social networks within organizations. Their new API makes this approach a reality”, said Bob Morison, co-author of Analytics at Work: Smarter Decisions, Better Results.

“In an industry consumed with building larger silos of isolated talent information, Talent Analytics’ approach is unique and a purposeful departure. Rather than increasing the size of talent silos, they combine talent traits with business performance data to yield even greater insights,” said Jason Averbook, CEO of Knowledge Infusion.

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Talent Analytics, Corp.
Talent Analytics leads the charge to include people in business optimization efforts. Quantified talent traits are easily delivered into enterprise software via our API, making it straightforward to correlate people and performance.