Talent Analytics, Corp. Releases Game Changing Upgrade to Talent Analytics Platform ‘Advisor™’


Talent Analytics, Corp. today announced a major upgrade to Advisor™ their flagship talent analytics platform.

Advisor 3.5 will provide customers and consultants with an enhanced visualization engine. Visualization is critical for businesses wanting to anticipate talent’s impact on business initiatives. Advisor 3.5’s richly interactive visualization platform encourages business users to aggregate, filter, drill and analyze information about business talent.

“We have been aggressively expanding our visualization capabilities over the past several years to enhance business leader’s ability to look for patterns and trends. Visualization allows business leaders to make fact based decisions,” said Greta Roberts, President and CEO, Talent Analytics, Corp. “Our relentless focus on creating innovative solutions to help business leaders align their talent with their business strategy is paying off as more customers and consultants are choosing Talent Analytics, Corp.’s solutions.”

Advisor, from Talent Analytics, Corp is the industry’s most powerful, enterprise scalable, talent analytics platform. It helps organizations and consultants anticipate the affect of current and future talent on business strategies while also measuring strategic analytics. Advisor is a visual, flexible, and highly intuitive SaaS application. Advisor gathers, analyzes and helps business leaders visualize critical talent data in ways not currently available through most Talent Management and Business Intelligence solutions. For More information, phone Talent Analytics Corp at (617) 864-7474 or email

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