Talent Analytics, Corp. and Celerant Consulting Announce Co-Authored Paper on Driving Successful Organizational Change

LEXINGTON, Mass., Sep 14, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Systems, processes, and practices employed during business transformation succeed when businesses have a rich understanding of how their talent links to performance, according to a new paper issued by Celerant Consulting. Formed out of a new initiative by Celerant Consulting and Talent Analytics, Corp., the paper investigates four elements of business change whose success hinges on this new approach to analyzing and managing talent.

The paper, co-authored by Sharlene Evans, Director of Organizational Effectiveness at Celerant Consulting and Greta Roberts, President and CEO of Talent Analytics is entitled, “Change, talent, and the power of an inspired workforce,” and notes that CEOs reported a 44 percent failure rate in change initiatives. This can be alleviated by:

— Improving metrics that identify and anticipate talent strengths, attitudes, and reactions to incentives

— Creating a receptive culture

— Identifying leaders that will inspire the workforce

“Understanding the talent make-up within an organization provides a distinct advantage during change programs, and tools now exist that can accurately evaluate and determine how to best engage staff across the enterprise,” notes Ms. Evans. “In combination with traditional change management practices, organizations can paint a clear picture of their workforce, overcome political barriers, and pave the way for sustainable results.”

“Talent analytics delivers insight into the single most important factor affecting change success — the people who do the work,” said Ms. Roberts. “We are delighted to be partnering alongside Celerant Consulting, combining breakthrough technologies with their best-in-class methodology to achieve sustainable, lasting business transformation.”

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SOURCE: Celerant Consulting