Predict Employee Flight Risk – Pre- or Post-Hire


Re-Frame Flight Risk as a Pre- vs. Post-hire Problem

Employee turnover is the greatest employee-related expense devastating every organization – particularly in roles with many employees in the same role.  Sample roles include:  customer service reps, sales reps, bank tellers, truckers, retail store managers, financial advisors, insurance agents and many other higher volume roles.

We target high volume roles after calculating the actual employee replacement costs for our customers.  Conservative replacement costs are shocking as they are substantial even for entry level, hourly positions.  The greatest cost of employee replacement is their partial contribution to the organization while they advance to full productivity.  During this time most roles are paid a full salary while the employee is performing at less than a full contribution.

  • Replacement costs typically range from $6,500 US to $60,000 or more, per employee.
  • Multiply replacement cost by the volume of turnover in that role to determine the actual, staggering turnover cost

Our Predictive Talent Analytics™ approach is considerably different from other “flight risk solutions”.  We predict flight risk BOTH pre- and post-hire. While we predict both, pre-hire predictions are more cost effective, enabling employers to completely avoid the costs of employees leaving prematurely.

click to view full image.“Predicting flight risk, pre-hire, is bold and exciting. It shows the ongoing and rapid advancement of predictive solutions in the workforce market.”
– Holger Mueller, VP & Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

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