Predict Top and Bottom Performers – Pre-Hire


Businesses are in a constant drive to identify more top performers and avoid bottom performers, as they directly link to business sustainability. Employees bring in revenue, rescue a customer, make products, deliver goods, essentially sustaining (or hindering) business profitability.

Disconnect between Hiring and Job Performance is Devastating

click to view full image.In today’s businesses, hiring activities are disconnected from business outcomes.  When actual job performance isn’t fed back into the hiring process, there is no way for hiring to improve and learn.  Job performance suffers as mediocre performers continue to be hired. The annual cost of poor hiring for a single, high volume role (i.e. sales or service) can total in the millions. Just for one role.

Advanced analytics connects hiring with job performance. Poor hiring can no longer be written off as the “cost of doing business”. And, it’s easier than you think.

A Predictive Talent Analytics™ Approach Learns how Every, Single, Hiring Decision Affects Job Performance

Connecting hiring activities with job performance, pioneered by Talent Analytics, Corp., uses machine learning to provide an ongoing, analytics-driven, feedback loop.  Predictive hiring algorithms learn from every single hiring decision (do employees with these characteristics perform or not).  Hiring managers see who performs successfully and who doesn’t.  Unbiased.  Fair.  All based on job performance at your company, and again, easier than you think.

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