**3 Measures of Effective Predictive Workforce Analytics Projects

Talent Analytics Webinar

April 9, 2015

Greta Roberts, CEO & Co-founder, Talent Analytics, Corp.

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Predictive workforce projects aim to identify workforce patterns and act on them to improve the business. In many cases predictions can be applied to individuals even before hiring a candidate.

In this discussion, Talent Analytics, Corp. CEO Greta Roberts will present 3 essential metrics that should underlie every predictive workforce assignment. They define how the project's new insights will drive profit, loss, and ROI – the only metrics that will keep the business funding your analytics projects:

1. What is the dollar cost of an employee in a specific role? Not just salary, but the full spectrum of an employee lifecycle.
2. What is the dollar benefit of an employee to the company? How do these contributions change over time?
3. How long do employees last in a role? What is the attrition rate at a range of tenure points?

Dashboard-worthy concepts such as Lifetime Employee Value are direct calculations from these three factors. We will show methods to leverage and combine these metrics, bridging workforce analytics outcomes into tangible business value.

In this discussion you'll learn to build this important baseline, make executives take notice, and win ongoing funding for your analytics projects.

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