**Data Science Approach to Reducing Employee Churn

AnalyticsWeek Boston Keynote

March 28, 2014

Greta Roberts, CEO, Talent Analytics, Corp. Greta's Bio

Watch Greta's Keynote Presentation.

Talent Analytics’ CEO Greta Roberts was a Keynote Speaker at AnalyticsWeek Boston.  She discussed how modern analytics approaches and technology help employers reduce employee attrition (churn).

Why Watch this Game Changing Keynote:

Greta systematically discusses the difference between using predictive analytics to solve specific employee-related challenges (like attrition, or predicting top and bottom performers) vs. just exploring HR data to see what you can find that is interesting.

A summary of Greta’s main points:

  • To be highly predictive, analytics projects need to include line of business data (not just HR data)
  • There is a difference between “exploring HR data to see if you find anything interesting, vs. using predictive analytics to solve a specific employee challenge”
  • Employee analytics efforts need to include performance outcomes (i.e. did sales go up after implementing the models, did call center attrition drop, did insurance agents perform more effectively etc.)
  • Deliver ROI shareholders care about – measurable increase in performance, reduced attrition etc.
  • Complete, perfect data is an illusion. You can begin now using the incomplete data you have.
  • Employee attrition is very expensive and also controllable.
  • Insist that your analytics vendor does a cost analysis with you to to help select which variables and projects to focus on / which will deliver greater ROI to the business.
  • Performance and attrition are related.
  • A little prediction goes a long way.

Who should watch this presentation:

CHROs, HR Business Partners, Analysts, Data Scientists, Analytics Consultants, Risk Consultants, CTOs, CFOs charged with reducing employee costs or increasing employee performance.