**Data Science for Workforce Optimization: Reducing Employee Attrition

INFORMS / American Statistical Association Boston Chapter presentation at Bentley University

February 24, 2015

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Predictive methods are often seen in marketing, finance, and logistics.  The use of these advanced methods for workforce analytics are an emerging and powerful domain for practice, with applications in talent selection, sourcing, training, development, planning and optimization.

This presentation by Talent Analytics Chief Scientist Pasha Roberts will provide an overview of the advanced analytics field with a range of applications that are emerging in application to a company's largest and most important expense: their workers.

The presentation will review several case studies of talent analytics in practice.  Predictive concepts such as survival analytics, uplift modeling, and ensemble models will be applied to tangible customer situations.  In one case, a major financial services call center used predictive modeling to reduce attrition by over 30%, yielding a multi-million dollar savings.

  • Analytics students will hear "front-line" stories from real analytics engagements, where theory meets the constraints of real business practice.
  • Analytics managers will leave this session with a concrete understanding of the business value of talent optimization, showing how correlating "raw talent" to employee attrition can yield unprecedented results.
  • Analytics practitioners will leave this session with a concrete understanding of the analytics approach and models used to reduce attrition.

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