Talent Acquisition Meets Predictive Analytics And Artificial Intelligence

Interview With Pasha Roberts

OCTOBER 16, 2016

Pasha Roberts

How do you know if you’ve made the right decision for a hire? Often, employers go off gut instinct and make a decision retrospectively, but it turns out AI might be able to help out in human resource management through shedding light on the best hiring decisions. In this episode, Pasha Roberts, Chief Scientist at Talent Analytics, Corp. tells us about how his company is working on helping companies make better decisions before they hire by applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to various data points on a given applicant, including information from aptitude tests that may help predict not only performance but retention. Interview Highlights:

  • (1:25)Today at present, what are the applications used to predict job performance?
  • (3:29)When you say ‘is this kind of person’, what is ‘kind of person’ to your company, what information can you look at…what are we able to pull into the system to make those calls?
  • (7:31)I could understand how something as quantitative as an (pre-hire) assessment could be shoved into a system, but can we really say “spent 2 years as ‘such and such’”…how is that being able to inform your machine learning (ML) models?
  • (9:37)Are we looking here at high-volume jobs that are very measurable (in order to build a hiring model)?
  • (12:27)It seems to me that maybe…different companies, this has to be more bespoke; maybe you’re not able to take what you learned at call center A and automatically plug it in…are there trends that you’ve been able to pool…or are we really looking at training a pretty unique model per business?
  • (14:58)Where do you see the biggest changes in artificial intelligence in HR over the next 5 to 10 years?
  • (19:15)Do you see any particular applications that are so tangible and low-hanging fruit…that they’re likely to be what is adopted widely (in this area)?
  Special Thanks to Daniel Faggella  Daniel Faggella is the founder of Tech Emergence, an internet entrepreneur, international speaker, and author. His writing has appeared in TechCrunch, the Boston Globe, the Boston Business Journal, and much more.  
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