Research: Analytics Professionals


Authored by:

Pasha Roberts, Chief Scientist Greta Roberts, CEO

Talent Analytics, Corp. and the International Institute for Analytics undertook the following quantitative analysis of Analytics Professionals / Data Scientists to add science to help understand Data Scientists. Quantitatively defining the mindset of current practitioners lends insight to better find, hire, deploy, and utilize them.

This Study is unique in several ways. It utilized quantitative techniques, including advanced analysis of raw talent characteristics to understand this professional group. Incentive for studying raw talent characteristics was the desire to see if there was a clear mindset among data scientists that was different from mindset of other professional. “Raw talent characteristics examined are attributes that are independent of job role, experience, or age. An Industry Benchmark emerged and has proven to be tremendously useful to those looking to hire analytics professionals. This Study focused on practical outcomes that could be used by businesses, rather than for purely academic interests.

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