Research: Analytics Professionals

Key Findings & Implications

The 2012 Analytics Professionals Study by Talent Analytics, Corp and the International Institute for Analytics took an analytical approach to understanding analytics professionals. The goal of the study was to provide businesses with the opportunity to proactively address the analytic talent shortfall in a systematic way.

The Four Functional Clusters Research Brief provides value for analytics hiring managers seeking actionable steps to optimize their analytic talent hiring practices and build great analytic teams. The Research Brief offers hiring and management insight into two key areas:

  • Analytic Talent DemographicsAnalytics_Study_Webinar_Results
    • Tenure: How long have analytics pros been working in their role, organization
      & field?
    • Education: What is the most common educational level & degree?
    • Teams: What does the structure of analytics work groups look like?
    • Skills: Which technologies are most commonly used?
  • The Psychometric Blueprint of Analytic Talent
    • What are the 4 Functional Clusters of Analytics Professionals?
    • Are the characteristics similar or different for each Functional Cluster?
    • What is the most common intrinsic characteristic among Analytics Professionals?

Analytics leaders are encouraged to not only review the Study’s findings but to considering licensing our Data Scientist Benchmark, to solve their every day analytic talent challenges in a more analytical way. 

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