The CFO’s Guide to Employee Attrition

This groundbreaking Guide, written by Talent Analytics’ Chief Scientist Pasha Roberts, walks through a proven, holistic framework for measuring the cost of employee churn and calculating employee lifetime value to ultimately understand and solve employee attrition challenges.

The metrics we introduce in this article – Employee Cost and Value, Survival Curves and Employee Lifetime Value – move beyond HR goals to serve enterprise goals.CFO & CHRO Guide to Employee Attrition | Talent Analytics, Corp.

The CFO’s Guide to Attrition will cover:

  • Key Benefits of knowing Cost and Value Curves, to Calculate an Employee’s Lifetime Value
  • Learn why these metrics should matter to every business leader from HR, to Sales to Finance
  • Learn why roles like Sales Reps., Call Center Reps., Bank Tellers, Insurance Agents, Call Center agents (and other high volume, high turnover roles) etc., are ideal roles that will benefit the most from this approach
  • Examples of Cost Curves, Value Curves and Survival Curves

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