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Using Predictive Analytics to Drive Business Performance

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Predictive Analytics Special Topic Webinar: Predictive HR & Workforce Analytics 2016 Fall

Special Thanks to UCI - Greta Roberts discusses case studies and general approaches that can help companies and their HR functions drive performance and lifetime value of their workforce

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 11:30 am

Predicting Top Sales Performance - Pre-Hire

Talent Analytics Podcast

October 30, 2015

Getting Started with Predictive Workforce Analytics

Talent Analytics & APQC Podcast

October 2, 2015

**Winning Roles™ Predictions Demo

Talent Analytics demo

July 15, 2015

**Data Science for Workforce Optimization: Reducing Employee Attrition

INFORMS / American Statistical Association Boston Chapter presentation at Bentley University

February 24, 2015