“Annualized Bank Teller attrition has fallen from 79% to 45% in 10 months.  Talent Analytics’ pre-hire predictive models are delivering $1,153,944 in savings (or $92,000 per month) to our organization.”

“In less than a year, Call Center turnover dropped by over 30%, yielding a multi-million dollar annual savings.”

-EVP, Major Financial Services Organization
Read the Call Center Case Study to learn more.

“The optimal time to predict flight risk is before you hire someone. Knowing one job candidate is three times more likely to leave within a year vs. another adds critical data to the hiring decision. With this added capability, Talent Analytics again advances how predictive analytics delivers real value to businesses and the workforce industry.”

– Jean Paul Isson, Global VP Predictive Analytics & BI at Monster Worldwide, Inc. and author of Win With Advanced Business Analytics

“Talent Analytics continues to lead the industry in offering clients true predictive workforce analytics that deliver real ROI – measured by less turnover, greater sales, higher Net Promoter Scores, and the like.”

– Dr. Eric Siegel, author of the bestselling, award-winning, “Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die.”

“Talent Analytics continues to lead the way in workforce data science by integrating proven techniques from other domains. Their Winning Roles predictions, introduce technologies to the task of predicting multiple dimensions of employee performance and flight risk.”

– Peter Cuthbert, Executive Director, Customer Insights & Analytics at FRHI Hotels & Resorts

“Within a single dashboard view, Talent Analytics’ Winning Roles predictions allows data scientists to upload and update candidate prediction models. This enables hiring managers and HR leaders to instantly identify great candidates, dynamically compare them to multiple open positions, and place the candidate where those models predict them to succeed. Advisor is the only platform on the market today that brings together both the business and science of workforce planning.”

– Chad Harness, VP and Lead Human Capital Analytics Consultant at a large regional US bank

“Predictions that identify the specific role that will yield the greatest outcome for a candidate is a no-brainer for any sales leader tasked with delivering revenue. Predicting – pre-hire – that a candidate is likely to be a top channel sales performer but an average outside sales performer, is astonishing pre-hire insight.”

– Tracy Linne, VP Sales, Pursway

“Talent Analytics’ Advisor® enables hiring managers and line of business managers to easily deploy multiple predictive models into employee operations, and continuously improve models as new data and analyses are completed.”

-Dr. John Elder, Founder & CEO, Elder Research Inc.

“Predicting flight risk, pre-hire, is bold and exciting. It shows the ongoing and rapid advancement of predictive solutions in the workforce market.”

– Holger Mueller, VP & Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

“OLG’s Analytic Centre of Excellence has operationalized Talent Analytics’ Data Scientist Benchmark into our hiring process.”

– Director, Business Planning & Analytics, Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG)

“Talent Analytics is the real deal. … they have a pulse on one of the most pressing challenges facing HR functions today – namely, the ability to successfully use predictive and prescriptive analytics to recruit top talent, identify and nurture said talent’s strengths, and ensure sustained productivity and innovation through the use of initiatives that both recognize and reward high performance.”

-Rory Trotter, HR Manager & Blogger

Why Talent Analytics?

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