Advisor 4.04

Elegant Cloud Solution Predicts Flight Risk and KPI Performance: Pre- and Post- Hire

Talent Analytics’ flagship predictive talent analytics™ solution, Advisor, enables businesses to easily predict outcomes through the entire employee lifecycle – hiring through termination.  Advisor’s predictions can be used with internal and external job candidates as well as existing employees.

Who Uses Advisor?

  • Over 800 customers, in a myriad of industries use Advisor today.
  • HR, recruiters and hiring managers use Advisor on a day to day basis for smarter hiring decisions.
  • Analytics professionals upload their predictive models into Advisor – so workforce leaders can make use of their models.
  • HRIS, HCM, ATS, PEOs and other workforce systems connect to Advisor’s predictions to enhance their value

Why Do HR and Line of Business Managers Love Using Advisor?

  • Elegant cloud platform instantly predicts candidate or employee performance & flight risk pre- and post- hire.
  • Scales beautifully for high volume hiring scenarios like Sales, Service & similar high volume roles.
  • Makes explicit recommendations.
  • One individual can be instantly compared to multiple job roles (probability of success or flight risk instantly calculated for each)
  • Generates custom interview questions for candidates.
  • Elegant dashboards show patterns, visualizations and other outputs usable in entire employee lifecycle.
  • Mobile-optimized client

Why Do Data Scientists & Analytics Professionals Love Using Advisor?

  • Use your favorite modeling solution to create predictive models (i.e. R, Infinite Insights, Python, SAS, SPSS, RapidMiner, Weka, KNIME, or others).
  • Simply upload PMML compliant models into Advisor for deployment into the employee lifecycle
  • Machine learning keeps models fresh and optimized

“Advisor 4.0 enables hiring managers and line of business managers to easily deploy multiple predictive models into employee operations, and continuously improve models as new data and analyses are completed.”

-Dr. John Elder, Founder & CEO, Elder Research Inc.

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