Talent Analytics® API (TAAPI)

For greatest business value, talent content™ needs to be combined with enterprise performance data. Seamlessly delivering Talent Analytics’ custom employee content into your enterprise system is quick and easy. Think secure, small, simple and smart. We’ve designed the Talent Analytics® API (TAAPI) to allow you to focus less on our code and more on your own interface. click to view full image.

Our SOAP-based API was developed with an intentionally short specification, allowing you to ramp up  quickly, while still giving you a generous amount of flexibility.

Our well-documented API allows you to:

  • Initiate the employee’s Rapid Data Collection™ process from inside your own software interface
  • Supply a custom callback URL to be notified immediately as employee results become available
  • Organize and find employees using customizable labels (i.e. Employee ID)
  • Request results either as human-readable insights about your employees or as numbers.

Download documentation for TAAPI 1.5.0.