Predictive Approach

Advanced Data Science + Advanced Cloud Platform

To maintain predictive accuracy, we target specific kinds of employee / job candidate challenges.

  • Predictions for roles w/hundreds, or thousands of employees in a single role including Call Center Reps., Sales Reps, Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents, Truck Drivers, Retail Managers and the like.
  • Predictions focus on 1) Reducing high turnover, and / or 2) Increasing low KPI performance
  • Client identifies a very specific prediction about either candidate or employee outcomes including:  Probability of passing an exam, achieving sales quota, staying in a certain role for a certain amount of time, probability of making errors — truly anything you are measuring

No Need for Perfect Data or Analytics Maturity
Our team works with your data after we receive it. It’s easy for you. We’ll identify only the data we need for the model.  A bit (employee ID, start and end date, will be from HR and a bit more will be from the line of business.  None of our clients has ever had clean data – nor have they been analytically mature. Let us worry about this.

Pre- and Post- Hire Predictions
For optimal payoff, predictions need to be made prior to the candidate being hired – enabling you to avoid a bad hire. Our predictions can be used either ­pre-­ or post- hire.

Our MethodologyTalent Analytics uses the CRISP-DM Methodology.
We use the CRISP-DM Methodology – the leading methodology used by top Data Scientists.

Machine Learning Updates Your Models
We love reporting back to you how your predictive models are performing.  (The only reason you’d continue to use them is if attrition is going down or performance is going up.  Your predictive vendor owes it to you to track and report on this). We do this quarterly.  Based on your actual performance we update your predictive models using machine learning. This keeps your predictive models fresh, learning and following your changing business.

Next Steps