Winning Roles™ Predictions


1st to Predict an Individual’s Success in Several Roles

ta-new-picWinning Roles predictions, embedded in Talent Analytics’ Advisor™ platform, instantly predict the likelihood of one person’s success in several (or many) roles (both pre- and post-hire).

Winning Roles predictions identify which roles would deliver the most value to the organization while providing the greatest opportunity for success and engagement for the candidate. Advisor’s elegant dashboard instantly delivers a prediction about which role is optimal for the candidate.

Use Cases: External Hires, and Internal Candidates Looking for New Roles

In addition to being an indispensable utility for hiring external candidates, Talent Analytics expects organizations to use Winning Roles predictions to identify the most interesting and successful career paths for its top employees. By identifying paths where they are predicted to thrive, the employee can advance their career while the organization retains its top performers.

Quotes from Industry Thought Leaders On Talent Analytics’ Winning Roles Solution:

  • “Predictions that identify the specific role that will yield the greatest outcome for a candidate is a no-brainer for any sales leader tasked with delivering revenue. Predicting – pre-hire – that a candidate is likely to be a top channel sales performer but an average outside sales performer, is astonishing pre-hire insight.”
    – Tracy Linne, VP Sales at Pursway
  • “Talent Analytics continues to lead the way in workforce data science by integrating proven techniques from other domains. Their Winning Roles predictions, introduce technologies to the task of predicting multiple dimensions of employee performance and flight risk.”
    – Peter Cuthbert, Executive Director, Customer Insights & Analytics at FRHI Hotels & Resorts

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