2011 Talent Analytics Webinar Series

Thought leaders, consultants, and the business media are all buzzing about the importance of talent analytics to understand how human capital links to an organization's performance. Well, we *are* Talent Analytics and our technology addresses that chasm of pain which is front and center to businesses in todays global, ever-changing, fluid world.

Join us for our webinar series to hear insights from thought leaders, analysts and experts as they discuss the real business value - and implications of ignoring - talent analytics.

August 3, 2011. 12pm EST
Discover How Change Initiatives Succeed When Employing Talent Analytics

Presenter: Greta Roberts, CEO
Moderator: Christina Wong, Strategy and Business Development

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Change is constant yet a staggering 70% of change initiatives fail.

How can consultants avoid the 70% failure statistic and increase the likelihood that a strategy that sounds great will also be great during implementation? Why do some teams respond positively to change while others balk? Is a one-size-fits-all change approach the best way to roll out implementation?

Join us on August 3rd at 12pm EST to learn why change initiatives are so fraught with failure and how consultants can avoid these common pitfalls. Differentiate your firm from the rest by forecasting conflicts before they occur, effortlessly expand your projects with high-impact, focused communication efforts, and retain higher percentages of your clientele.