2011 Talent Analytics Webinar Series

Thought leaders, consultants, and the business media are all buzzing about the importance of talent analytics to understand how human capital links to an organization's performance. Well, we *are* Talent Analytics and our technology addresses that chasm of pain which is front and center to businesses in todays global, ever-changing, fluid world.

Join us for our webinar series to hear insights from thought leaders, analysts and experts as they discuss the real business value - and implications of ignoring - talent analytics.

September 7, 2011. 12pm EST
Explore How Talent Metrics Differentiate and Enrich Your Firm’s Benchmarking Capabilities

Presenter: Greta Roberts, CEO
Moderator: Christina Wong, Strategy and Business Development

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Your client wants to redesign their organizational processes and turns to your firm to find out how their processes and performance stack up against the rest of their industry. In addition to leveraging your deep industry insight that compares their organization’s process and performance metrics, imagine being able to also advise them on how their talent compares to the rest of their industry?

Today, this is possible using Talent Analytics technology. Add quantitative talent metrics that can be easily collected, compared and benchmarked to your pre-existing database, resulting in additional revenue streams and high-value, differentiation from your competitors.

Join Greta Roberts, CEO and Christina Wong, Business Development and Strategy at Talent Analytics Corp on September 7th at 12pm EST to learn how you can elevate your firm above the activity metrics fray. Gather data from people, about people, in a new way that is fast, easily scalable and provides immediate feedback to you and your clients. Build a wealth of analytics data to gain fresh insight into human capital and what makes talent perform in an organization.