2011 Talent Analytics Webinar Series

Thought leaders, consultants, and the business media are all buzzing about the importance of talent analytics to understand how human capital links to an organization's performance. Well, we *are* Talent Analytics and our technology addresses that chasm of pain which is front and center to businesses in todays global, ever-changing, fluid world.

Join us for our webinar series to hear insights from thought leaders, analysts and experts as they discuss the real business value - and implications of ignoring - talent analytics.

October 5, 2011. 12pm EST
Learn How to Pre-Empt Post-Merger (M&A) Culture Clash using Talent Analytics

Presenter: Greta Roberts, CEO
Moderator: David LeCompte, Strategy and Business Development

Talent Analytics Webinar: Post Merger Integration

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50-80% of mergers fail to meet due diligence expectations.

After the merger agreement is signed, Wall Street is abuzz with high hopes. The stock price of both companies skyrocket, the two CEOs hold joint press conferences and your consulting firm is hired to lead both companies through the critical post-merger integration efforts.

One year later, the critics are calling the merger a huge mistake.  Attrition rates are high, morale is low, revenue has tanked and the stock price is falling. The combined product and solutions portfolio was supposed to leverage the customer base of the original company and the sales agility of the acquired company, but the newly integrated sales team is missing all their goals. The original engineering team was kept intact but they are fighting with the acquired company’s marketing team and new product launches are being delayed. In fact, even efforts to build a shared services department with HR and Finance has brought about only marginal cost-savings, at best.

On October 5th at 12pm EST, we will discuss why the business culture decisions are some of the most tricky, but least understood aspects of M&A integration. Learn how to remove the guesswork behind talent integration and employ analytics to guide your decisions. Develop the ability to forecast the results of integration scenarios, based upon the business goals of the merged company and the entire pool of available human talent.