Why Talent Analytics?

8 Compelling Reasons to Engage with Us

1. Self Funding Projects – Our Projects Pay for Themselves

Business results rapidly pay fees of predictive work.

2. High Volume, High Turnover Roles
We target roles where there are hundreds, or thousands of employees in a single role with high turnover, or performance challenges. Sample roles include Call Center Reps., Sales Reps, Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents and the like . . .

3. Predictions are both Pre-Hire and Post-Hire
For optimal payoff, predictions need to be made prior to the candidate being hired.

4. Business Results (not HR Results)
We predict how candidates will do their job, pre-hire, like will they pass an exam, achieve sales quota, last in a role for at least a year, make devastating errors, be able to sell solutions vs. products . . .

5. No Distractions
We aren’t distracted by deploying talent management, applicant tracking, learning modules or other non-predictive modules as we focus exclusively on predicting and measuring the success of our predictions.

6. Globally Recognized Leaders
14 years of experience creating, innovating and teaching the most advanced data science methods to others wanting to do predictive workforce analytics.

7. Cloud Deployment Platform, Advisor
Talent Analytics Advisor makes it simple to deploy predictive models into employee hiring operations (half a day or less).

8. Machine Learning –  Models Continuously Recalculate, Learn and Update
Customer’s own attrition and performance data easily fed into the predictive models.  This keeps predictive models fresh, learning and following the customer’s changing business.

Ready to Get Started?

If you have a predictive analytics project in mind, please reach out to understand our technology solutions and methodologies for reducing employee attrition and predicting top & bottom performers.