Hire Smarter, Inc. Acquires Predictive Workforce Analytics Company
Talent Analytics, Corp.

Las Vegas, NV – Hire Smarter, Inc., a predictive hiring technology company, announced today that it has acquired Cambridge MA based Talent Analytics, Corp. Talent Analytics is a globally-recognized leader in Predictive Workforce Analytics, leading the market with their award winning predictive cloud platform, Talent Analytics Advisor™.

For more than a decade, Talent Analytics has pioneered methods to predict employee attrition and business performance. Bringing together innovations from predictive analytics, data science, and I/O Psychology (talent assessments), Talent Analytics all but created the category now known as Predictive Workforce Analytics.

More than 1,300 customers have successfully utilized Talent Analytics’ solutions, realizing significant business value in the areas of increased sales, reduced attrition, increased calls per day, reduced errors, increased customer satisfaction, increased regulatory test passing and more.

Hire Smarter is deeply aligned to carry this vision forward. Hire Smarter’s plans include an automated machine learning approach to predict attrition and performance - without need for a dedicated data scientist.  Hire Smarter is building out a suite of applications that leverage this core capability, modernizing the current user interface, and adding new workflows.

Founded by an experienced team of executives, Hire Smarter understands the market, the technology, and the promise of Predictive Workforce Analytics. They look forward to pleasing the loyal Talent Analytics customers and partners, and look forward to offering even more predictive capability than ever before. Details will be revealed in the coming months.

"Hire Smarter is the perfect leadership team, company and platform to take Talent Analytics to the next level," said Greta Roberts, CEO of Talent Analytics, "We share very similar goals and values with the Hire Smarter team - and love their passion for taking our mission into new heights. We are excited to see their inspired plans for a new kind of predictive future."

For more information about Hire Smarter, Inc. contact corporate communications at hi@hiresmarter.ai.

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